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Strategy Financial Ltd


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Company Overview:

Strategy Financial Ltd is a ‘boutique’ practice offering on-going financial planning, bespoke advice and direction to both individual and business clients. We build close, long-term relationships with our clients to ensure the delivery of a highly personalised service.

At Strategy, you will see from ”Our Mission” that one of our main objectives for our clients is to achieve Financial Independence.

Whilst this is not always possible, it is even more difficult if you do not know what this means to you. We have found that one of the biggest reasons for not achieving this is because your Goals and Objectives have not been defined and set.

After initial Engagement with our clients, we undertake our Discovery process as a part of our “Financial Planning Programme”. This will enable us to understand your current position.

We will work with you to discover what you to want to achieve in life and by when, this is defined as your future Goals and Objectives. We then produce a plan for how this may be accomplished.

Using our “Financial Management Program” we will then regularly Monitor and Review your plan, ensuring that you stay on track or need to adjust the direction and revise any Goals and Objectives.

For our clients, we have two levels of service: Wealth Management and Reflex.

Strategy offers advice on a broad range of Financial Planning Services including Protection, Investments, Pensions, Estate Planning, General Insurance and Mortgages.